LAUSD's Superintendent Executive Dashboard

BI Application: Operational Dashboard


Measure and monitor multiple key KPIs and strategic goals district-wide, through an executive dashboard that is accessible across devices.

Key Success Factors:
  • KPIs aligned with State and Federal guidelines
  • Initial End-used survey research customized for each user group, Power users (composers) and Casual (consumers) Users to get end-user buy-in. Empowering the end-user to be the application authors.
  • Rapid implementation of Usage Tracking and Adoption Dashboard Prior to Launch
  • Customized Pilot Demo for each Business Unit head and their mid-level team
  • Focusing on using performance data to empower, not to punish workers.
  • Continuous OCM communication updates with business and end-user groups to retain momentum while implementing the application in BI.


End-user Adoption for Casual Users:
  • Fast to load and accurate Data.
  • Actionable Data with suggestions on how to improve
  • Self Service, with job aids
  • LAUSD Operational Workflow Integrated.
  • Multi-Device and VPN accessible.
  • Timeliness & Prioritization; Make user aware of critical data that impacts them the most.


End-user Adoption Strategies for Power Users:
  • Executive View across multiple departments with the ability to drill
  • At a glance View for quick look up and Visual Analysis
  • Timeliness; Make user aware of critical data that impacts their business the most.
  • Flexible Analytics to compare and identify correlations
  • Shareable enterprise-wide, seamlessly accessible.
  • Embeddable across enterprise applications
  • Customizable for each department to fit unique departmental needs
Target Users



PL 1
Pl 2
Pl 33333


The risk mitigation dep was frequently asked the tedious task of calculating monthly/yearly reports of absences for various departments. This information was extracted from various siloed and incompatible systems within the data warehouse. It then was curated by Appling individual departmental and district business logic to produce reports in the form of excel sheets that would get emailed to department heads accountable for managing and monitoring their attendance.


Staff attendance records and HR data was mapped to be taken out of their silos and structured to display attendance insight in real-time in a single dashboard dynamically displaying their respective staff’s attendance. Sending automated reports via email across departments. Automated Threshold notifications.


  • Employees are notified and recognized for their excellent attendance records.
  • Chronic absences are minimalized through automated thresholds.
  • Department heads get automatic weekly “actionable” updates via email.
  • Attendance insight is just a click away from any device.
  • Attendance insight is embeddable across other internal applications/websites.
  • Risk management’s workload regarding the manual creation of staff reports is greatly reduced.
  • End-user adoption is at “%94”
  • Customer Experience Satisfaction is “Great”.