Human centered
digital transformation for the enterprise

Transforming OOTB Enterprise Products to User-centric, Cloud-enabled intelligent solutions.

we are
interface human

Where the user is right at the center!

A MSP/SI firm, Specializing in human-friendly, smart solutions. We design, implement, monitor or extend Data-driven dashboards & business Applications for fortune 1000 companies, Federal Civilian, State and government agencies.

We help the enterprise performance by maximizing their technology and data investments through implementation of easy to use, workflow integrated, data-driven solutions and then real-time monitoring of their progress toward achieving strategic objectives as measured by KPIs.*

Promote Adoption

IHI makes complex, big-budget enterprise software easy-to-use and adopt in large organizations so they can be an added value instead of a productivity drain.

Reduce Cost

IHI solutions’ personalized omni-channel user experiences ensure higher life-time value and minimum over-engineering ultimately translating into lower costs

Unleash Performance

IHI’s fact-based, data-driven and people-oriented approach will drive game-changing results and tremendous competitive advantage unleashing true performance



We design humanized enterprise solutions by leveraging Software Ergonomics & Visual-Driven Design resulting a CEM foundation to encourage a continuous improvement of end-user’s task-effectiveness & targeted business outcomes.



We extend to enhance Existing Enterprise Applications or help develop custom solutions that are scalable and maximize the ROI. IHI’s digital solutions are agile, mobile, rooted in analytics, and built in the cloud. 



Interface Human’s professional IT Management Strategies and Practices are customized to guarantee business continuity, reliability and scalability your organization needs to reduce its’ software system TCO.


Interface Human has served multiple global clients – including Fortune 500 companies – in transforming their legacy processes and cultures into revolutionary internal innovation capabilities and creative intelligence so they could thrive in the digital age. 

Proud of our Network

Strategic partnerships are one of the core pillars of our business strategy. We have a 360 degree relationship with our partners, sharing a common set of cultural values and drive common business objectives.